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President Series Observation Sleeper Basic Instructions

The PRR ordered seven 2 Drawing Room - 1 Compartment - 1 Double Bedroom observations cars as part of the post war passenger fleet upgrade program.  These cars were named after previous PRR presidents and assigned to the top line passenger trains, with the exception of the Broadway which had observations with Master Rooms.  This is a streamline type of car and can easily be created from the AHM PRR type observation.  The AHM observation is a good model of the Broadway Limited observation.  Conversion is done by replacing a short section of windows on the room side of the car.  The isle side of both types of observations are identical.

This is a good basic project for learning how to kitbash streamlined passenger cars.  The basic car bodies are usually available at local trains shows for a reasonable price, so there is no great finical outlay is at risk.

PRR Tracing of the Bedroom car side

Bedroom Drawing Missing

Two car bodies are required one of which must be an AHM observation.  If two observation bodies are available the replacement window section can be cut directly from the second car.  If not the replacement window section must be fabricated from another 10-6 sleeper.

Start by creating the opening for the replacement windows.  Using a #2 pencil draw a lines 1/8" and 3/4" from the top across the new window area.  Draw vertical lines at the left edge of the left window of the pair of small windows and the right edge of the window to the right of the small paired windows.  See the above diagram.  Remove the material from the shaded area.

Bedroom Drawing Missing

Use a second observation body to create the replacement windows by using a #2 pencil draw a lines 1/8" and 3/4" from the top across the new window area.  Draw vertical lines at the right edge of the right window of the pair of small windows and the left edge of the third large window to the right.  Cut around the replacement part.  If a second observation body is not available the part will have to be created using windows from an AHM 10-6 sleeper and the replacement part drawing as a template.  You must use the windows from a bedroom area of the car to get the correct window length.  Now glue the replacement part into the car; fill any cracks, sand paint, decal, etc.

Bedroom Drawing Missing

Misc. Notes. The sides of AHM cars are tapered: Keep the window tops and bottoms all oriented the same direction.  The sides of different AHM cars may be different thickness; use the outside surface as the alignment guide for the replacement part.

AHM is used as a generic manufacturer/importer name for the cars manufactured by Rivarossi and imported and sold under the Rivarossi, AHM, IHC, Con-cor, and now Walthers names.

Basic instructions for building a model of any PRR Class POS211 observation are available for downloading.  The instructions are named POS211IN.DOC and contained in POS211IN.ZIP for quick downloading.
Download the Instructions

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